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Wiring & Rewiring

Wiring & Rewiring in Stafford, VA 

Whole House Wiring Installation & Replacement in VA, Maryland & the DC Area 

When you need new wiring installed or the house rewired, it is important to hire a qualified electrical contractor. Salone Solutions, LLC has more than 28 years of experience with wiring and rewiring in Stafford, VA and surrounding communities.

Our electricians are equipped for jobs of all sizes, from small wiring installations to complete rewiring. 

Contact us online or call (703) 215-9574 for electrical wiring and rewiring in Stafford, VA.

What Are Signs That You Need Rewiring Services?

The electrical wiring in homes and commercial properties supplies electricity to every outlet, light source, and appliance. When you need new wiring for an appliance, new outlet, lighting fixture, or a home addition, a licensed electrician can safely install wiring and ensure that your electrical system is functioning safely. 

Electrical wiring lasts for decades but everything wears out eventually. This includes the components of your electrical system. When the electrical wiring is not in good condition, it increases the risk of serious injury or property damage from electric shocks or an electrical fire. These consequences can be avoided with whole house rewiring. 

Signs that rewiring may be needed include: 

  • Flickering lights 
  • Frayed wiring 
  • Electrical outlets that are hot to the touch
  • Scorched outlets 
  • Burning odors near electric outlets or appliances 
  • Buzzing noises 
  • Loose outlets with plugs falling out
  • Ungrounded outlets with two prongs 

The electrical wiring and circuit breakers in older homes is often insufficient for modern power requirements. Although some of these signs may not seem urgent, any malfunction in the electrical system can be potentially hazardous. Waiting to call an electrician can result in devastating injury or property damage, so call for help when you notice any of these signs in your home. 

What Are The Dangers of DIY Wiring Services?

Do it yourself projects are popular among homeowners and there seems to be a YouTube video to walk you through most home repairs and improvements. While this is great for saving money, your electrical system is not a weekend project. Working with electricity is extremely dangerous and should always be left to a qualified, licensed electrician. Leave Stafford, VA wiring and rewiring to an experienced professional to ensure your safety. 

Rewiring your home involves replacing all the electrical wiring, outlets, and switches. In some cases, the electrical panel should be upgraded at the same time. A qualified electrician can inspect your system to help you determine if rewiring is needed and explain the work that is needed to bring your system up to code and ensure your safety. 

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From residential, commercial, and industrial projects, we have a solutions for all of your electrical needs.

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At Salone Solutions, LLC, we offer free consultations for wiring and rewiring in Stafford, VA. Our electricians can inspect your electrical system to evaluate the overall condition of your wiring and determine if your house needs to be rewired. We work with you to provide the highest quality service and best solution to any electrical problem. 

Please contact Salone Solutions, LLC at (703) 215-9574 for a free estimate for your wiring or rewiring project. 

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